9 nov. 2010


Good goodmorning!

Hey everybody! I've been a little bit busy those days. First i wanna tell u that MTV EMA post partys were awesome, Florida and Pacha. On friday i've got a party at Marc Jacobs store in Madrid so i will tell u how is gonna be.

Btw those photos were taken in the morning of sunday

2 oct. 2010



No soy normal, tampoco corriente, no soy predecible ni tampoco simple. Soy diferente pero soy yo, haré lo que me plazca cuando y donde quiera, si me apetece algo lo conseguiré. No intentes seguirme, soy un ser independiente, no intentes copiarme, no lo conseguirás. Soy libre y me encanta esa sensación.

8 sept. 2010


She is Amy Dressel

I really love this photoshoot, but i dont know her, is it someone how knows where is she from? or how old is she? infomation!!! hahaha Let me know pleaseeee! :D

3 sept. 2010



This is how i feel: free, alive, full, good with myself. How do you feel with yourself? Have you ever asked this question?
Ok, i can explain it, for me, feeling alive is when something hurts but you can heal it, when someone is down and you can boost him or her, when some feelings are broken but you can fix them, when someone is in a trouble and you can help them.
It´s when you now that whatever happens everything is gonna be all right.

BTW!I'm brown hair! :D

11 ago. 2010


Brooklyn bridge

Listen here The Adicts

27 jul. 2010


That, guys, is New York

Finally I'm here, at the computer trying to explain you my stay in New York. I arrived here 24th june, starting with a veeery nice week with my friend Miguel, he is living here, so he could show me the city as a neoyorker could do it.
We started with the 5th avenue, visiting the Apple store, Times Square (I saw David Hasselhoff hahaha), Noho, Soho, Broadway Av (with the best shops), MOMA, MET, Museum of Brooklyn, Seaport, Central park, Gran Central Terminal, Chealsea, Little Italy, Chinatown, Wall Street, Dumbo, Meatpacking,...

I came here to study a Fashion Business course in FIT (Fashion Institute of Technologies) if you didn't know it, FIT and Parsons are the best Universities in NYC to study fashion stuff. My course started on 1st of July and finished on 22nd. I chose Fashion Merchandising, and i've been having classes of it everyday, i've learnt a lot of thing, in one way i think that my mind has grown up more than ever, and i've known a lot of people from Taiwan, Sweden, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, France, also from Spain haha. I've had the best experience of my life and i recommend it to everyone.

Now i'm here, still in NY, and i can say that i feel like one newyorker more hahaha taking the subway everyday, walking down avenues and streets, watching the Empire State all the days.

I'm in love with New York, with the atmosphere, with the people, with this life.

I swear i'll upload more photos! I've got infinite!

17 jun. 2010



Hi everybody!

I'm absolutely in love with this series that i just found. It everything about fashion in NYC. So I wanna share withyou! See it!! Here you've got the link (i'm sorry but i think there's only in english):



9 jun. 2010


Learn about life

Si tú, tu que te crees lo más de lo más tú que vas mirando por encima del hombro a todo el mundo, tú que no sabes ni quien eres, que te acercas a la gente por puro interés, tu arpía de mierda, tú que te mueves por un fin, tú que no tienes personalidad, que te aprobechas de las personas, falso/a, tú que vives en tu mundo en el que solo existes tú, tú que pasas de la gente cuando ya no tienen nada que ofrecerte, tú que vives una vida artificial.

Y con ese TÚ me refiero a una cantidad de gente que cada vez crece más.

Viva la humildad, la ética, la generosidad, la bondad, la confianza, la esperanza, la personalidad, la alegría, la amistad.

Aprende que lo único que debes mirar de las personas es que te aporten buenas cosas, que transmitan felicidad que sen humildes, da igual que sean lo que sean, porque al final lo que necesitas es a la gente de verdad a la gente que sabes que va a estar ahi siempre, no a esas personas que un dia mostraron interes no por ti sino por algo que les vendria bien, se capáz de diferenciar amistad de conocido y aún más importante, se capáz de elegir bien esos amigos.

31 may. 2010


Skinny love - Bon Iver

just 24 days to nyc :D

19 abr. 2010


Free time...

Yesterday I was bored, nothing interesting on TV, social networks boring, nothing to do and I started painting, lately I don't use to paint at home because I do it in class and don't feel like at home, but yesterday was one of those moments when you get your inspiration.

After I went to the video store and rent a movie, The Duchess, I recommend it. has an awesome wardrobe which has an Oscar, and starring the great Keira Knightly. Please look at this dresses and costumes, aren't them incredible?


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