19 abr. 2010


Free time...

Yesterday I was bored, nothing interesting on TV, social networks boring, nothing to do and I started painting, lately I don't use to paint at home because I do it in class and don't feel like at home, but yesterday was one of those moments when you get your inspiration.

After I went to the video store and rent a movie, The Duchess, I recommend it. has an awesome wardrobe which has an Oscar, and starring the great Keira Knightly. Please look at this dresses and costumes, aren't them incredible?

ohh precioso dibujo!! me encanta(L)
y esos vestidos son extraordinarios... tienen que ser obras de arte! ^^
me encanta, enserio jajaja muchos besitos (k)
... espero que estes bien!
Madre mía, pero que bien dibujas!
Ya me gustaría a mí..
Un beso
Love your sketch, you draw very well, I love it.
Those dresses are also great.


¿¿Lo has dibujado tú?? Increible, eres genial!

Por si no lo sabías he presentado Shop and Roll al Premio Nacional al Mejor Blog de Moda, sé que es muy difícil ganarlo pero bueno...jejeje

Por si te apetece votarme...



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