19 dic. 2009


Saturday 11.30 am After a loong nite

Hi ppl, here mary, I've come back! I'm at friend's (they are sleeping) home and i though! why if i start again my blog? Well i think is a good idea but i dont know exatly how long is it going to last hahaha

(BTW! I'm gonna start to write in english since today! I wanna improve my english! So ooooofcourse i'm gonna have sooo many mistakes!)

Since my last update i've done a lot of things! I'm studying stylish here in Madrid,i have met many people, i've work as a dresser in catwalks or showrooms, I had the pleasure to know a very important stylist, designer,... and work with him.

Thereeefore here i'm! I'm gonna put some photos i hope u like them!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


oh great idea to post in english
i do the same thing

btw, love the pics and the long shocks
i mean, they're gorgeous<3
Que pasada de fotografías!
Te añado ya mismo al blogroll, acabo de ver todas tus entradas del tirón! jajja
Un besito!
Glad your back,your life seem pretty awesome in Madrid ! Can't wait for new photos and stories !
Your english is going to be great! I'm glad for you and all the designers and staff you've met! Today some people were telling me that it's really difficult to work in fashion and bla bla bla, fuck them! I'm following you since today :)

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