10 abr. 2010


Nice Sweden

Sweden is awesome, polite people, style in the street, lot of forest and snow, etc etc. I arrived in Gotemborg at night and we (my brother an me) took a bus to Boras, my other brother (the oldest one) is studying there, where is the resident. Then we let the baggage in his room and went to one of his frend's room, drink some beers and know some people in there.

The next day we went to Gotemborg the second city in Sweden, small but nice, full of H&M, and beauty parks like this one

Then we found a nice Amusement Park named Liseberg, with pastel colours

Day 3, we walked aronud the resident through a forest that led to a completely frozen lake where the only sound that you heard was the birds one. Absolutly incredible.

I have to go so tomorrow you we´ll see more, hope you enjoy it :D


The pictures are very nice!

¡Besitos fashionistas!
love these pics<3
Estuviste en Göteborg?? Ais que envidia :)
muy chulas las fotos!
Hola que tal te dejo mi sitio web de alta costura para que lo visites:


Saludos y gracias!!

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